Lab Testing Medical Marijuana Products Outside of Metrc

Medical Marijuana Batches in Oklahoma That Were Lab Tested Before Metrc Implementation


Clearing Up the Confusion and Misinformation


It seems like there may be some significant confusion and misinformation about Medical Marijuana batches in Oklahoma that were lab tested before Metrc implementation, but that have subsequently been entered into the Metrc system.  This specific issue came up with a dispensary recently and it sounded like they were following the “better safe than sorry” route, and were avoiding all pre-Metrc Medical Marijuana batches regardless of Metrc compliance.

So to help clear things up, both Metrc guidelines and the OMMA have stated specifically that as long as a grower or processor has followed Metrc guidelines for pre-Metrc testing and logged the testing information (Testing facility, date, batch numbers) in the “notes” section of each applicable batch/package, those items will be available to sell past the August 24th deadline to sell or legally dispose of those products.  You can find this information on the OMMA website here under the “Dispensaries” heading and/or see a flowchart version of this information here.

We hope this information helps our partners feel more at ease and reduces some of the confusion regarding Metrc compliant Medical Marijuana products that passed lab testing before being logged into the Metrc seed-to-sale tracking system.

*Disclaimer: this information does not constitute express or implied legal advice by Kenneth H. Robertson or by Mystic Medicinal, LLC.  Please consult an attorney if you have specific legal questions or concerns about your particular situation.

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